Unity Of Faith

Unity Of Faith in Ephesians 4.13 presupposes perfected saints in Ephesians 4.12.

If the saints do not mature in perfection, Jesus's prayerful hope of John 17:11 "that they may be ONE" (i.e. that we may come into the "Unity of [the] Faith" is never realized).

Church leaders must note this fact. Very often because leaders consciously or subconsciously feel threatened that their own positions might be compromised do little or nothing to explore the gifts in the body and bring them to perfection. How many church leaders do you and I know who explore, nurture, and make room for the teaching and preaching gifts in the local congregation. The reformers tried to highlight the priesthood of all believers as Peter declares the believers at large to be a "royal priesthood," (1 Peter 2.9). Priests perform an action of ministering to our Lord. Priests don't merely sit in pews waiting to be ministered to. And yet far too often church leadership is content in keeping church members in a state that maintains the distinction of laity and clergy. For the most part today, it is this brothers belief, that the "so called reformed church" has only paid "lip service" to the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, and in this area stands in want of yet another reformation.

The logical conclusion of Ephesians 4:11,12 is that the work of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers within the local church is to perfect the saints (perfect the disciples) for διακονια (the ministry).   i.e. to train the saints to fulfill the tasks they themselves play out in the local assembly.

Purpose of Church Leaders


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